XP2013 Vienna

XP2013 was a good Agile Conference. Not that great as two years ago in Madrid, mostly because Madrid attracted a lot of great speakers and Agile influencers like Esther Derby,
J Appelo, Mary Poppendieck, Michael Feathers, Brian Marick or J. B. Rainsberger.
If I would only consider this aspect (but I am not !!!) then XP2013 in Vienna was a very poor conference, probably the academical tracks proved to be useful and attractive for those in the field, but I could not say that I learned so many things this year. 
What I still remember after 1 month are the coding sessions with Emily Bache, the workshop on Continuous Delivery with Pat Kua from ThoughtWorks (worth reading their blog, a great company BTW) and a presentation about Agile Fluency with Diana Larsen and James Shore.
(Anyone knows why Europe is still not able to have great speakers on IT related topics ? )

Probably the organizers wanted also to encourage new coaches and a new generation of speakers, so I was very happy they invited me to deliver a presentation about Agile Career Development for Software Professionals, a presentation that I originally delivered last year
in Zurich, for Jazoon 2012

If you are curious to see the slides, pls find them below (slideshare): 


…looking fwd for the XP2014 in Rome, Italy. I bet Rome is going to attract some great speakers mixed with speakers from the new generation. 


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