Who makes the decisions in your team?

As a manager it is hard to let go, especially the decision making attribute. But I did notice that when you deal with smart people, sometimes smarter than you, the more decisions you made as a manager, the less engaged others in your team become, and the less ownership they have in the results.

So it is key – when deal with smart people – to trust them, to provide feedback and if they are the closest to the problem to ask them to be the one actually making the decisions after they collect enough opinions (incl advices from you as their manager) and to own those decisions including all the good or bad consequences.

Sure the devil is in the details:
Are we talking about the strategy, about a given tactic, about a daily decision, etc…?
I think it’s it all about the trust you have in the team and trust comes from commitments previously made and delivered.

Glad to see someone wrote an entire book on this aspect (I did not read it yet) and arrived to the same conclusions.
Please find a summary/slideshare of this book here: http://www.slideshare.net/pearpress/the-decisionmaker-dennisbakkeppt





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