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How to install wget on Mac ( OS X El Capitan )

How to install wget on Mac OSX El Capitan? Here is a guide in 33 simple steps for absolute beginners 🙂

  1. cd ~/Downloads
  2. xcode-select –install
  3. mkdir wget
  4. cd wget
  5. curl -o
  6. curl -O
  7. wget -zxvf wget-1.17.tar.gz 
  8. tar -zxvf wget-1.17.tar.gz
  9. cd wget-1.17
  10.  ./configure,
    or you would better run
    ./configure –with-ssl=openssl
    the script(s) might failure if you do not have pkg already installed and if that is the case pls continue with the steps below, otherwise move to step 22

    ## pkg install
  11. cd ~/Downloads
  12. mkdir pkg
  13. cd pkg
  14. curl -O
  15. tar -zxvf pkg-config-0.29.tar.gz 
  16. cd pkg-config-0.29
  17. ./configure
    the script might failure , if this is the case pls re-run it like in step 18 below
  18. env LDFLAGS=”-framework CoreFoundation -framework Carbon” ./configure –with-internal-glib
  19. sudo make install
    at this step you finished the installation of pkg, so you should retry to configure wget again## retry wget build
  20. cd ~/Downloads/wget/wget-1.17
  21. ./configure –with-ssl=openssl(at this step on some system the ./configure script might notive that you do not have the env variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH set; if that is the case pls run this first:
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/pkgconfig
    and now you can repeat the step 21
  22. make
    at this step there are high chances that your build will fail because the complier cannot find the header files of openssl, if that is the case pls continue with the lines below, otherwise just go to step 32

    ## openssl download and make it visibile to wget compiler
  23. cd ~/Downloads/
  24. mkdir openssl
  25. cd openssl/
  26. curl -O
  27. tar -zxvf openssl-0.9.8zg.tar.gz
    at this step in the folder openssl-0.9.8zg you will have the source code of openssl, so we need a way to expose the location of the header files (.h) to the process that will compile wget; one way to do this is to create a symlink  like below
  28. ln -s ~/Downloads/openssl/openssl-0.9.8zg/include/openssl/ ~/Downloads/wget/wget-1.17/src
  29. ln -s ~/Downloads/openssl/openssl-0.9.8zg/crypto/ ~/Downloads/wget/wget-1.17/src
    at this step you are finally able to retry the build process for wget
  30. cd ~/Downloads/wget/wget-1.17
  31. make

    ## install wget
  32. sudo make install
  33. wget – -version
    so we just tested everything goes well and you are able to use wget on OS X

Enjoy !





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If you can’t draw it, you can’t build it!

If you are looking for a simple way to draw a software system starting from the initial “black box” and going down to functional content, interfaces, boundaries …later extend this to modules, various networks of such boxes and ultimately open each box and define the design of it
I suggest you have a look at the following article:

This is a good and simple visual representation of a software architecture. 

Enjoy ! 




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Bunatatea şi credincioşia să nu te părăsească niciodată!

“Bunatatea şi credincioşia să nu te părăsească niciodată! Leagă-ţi-le la gât, scrie-le pe tăbliţa inimii tale! 
Atunci vei găsi bunăvoinţă şi un bun renume înaintea lui Dumnezeu şi înaintea oamenilor “

Este perioada cea mai buna din an sa ne gandim la bunatate si la darnicie, 
pentru ca ce avem fara sa fi primit de la Dumnezeu? Si pentru ca toate le primim de la El , sa daruim este si o buna ocazie de multumire. 

Daca esti crestin si inca stai pe ganduri daca sa dai sau sa nu dai de acest Craciun, oare dai in locul potrivit, oare merita, oare nu-i prea mult, …, citeste te rog poezia de mai jos:

Drag prieten care canti vesel in credinta,
Fii prieten cu Isus si la suferinta!
Daca-n ceasul de temut vrei sa fii la dreapta,
Cand Isus da iar tribut, mangaie-L cu fapta.

Da-I acum din painea ta foamea sa-Si destrame,
Caci in cer, in veci de veci, nu-I va mai fi foame!
Da-I acum sa bea din vas cand e ars ca vrejul,
Caci, in veci de veci, in cer nu mai ai prilejul.

Da-I acuma haina ta cat ii rupt vesmantul,
Caci in cer nu-I va fi frig, nu-L va bate vantul!
Da-I acum cand e bolnav, grija-nduiosata,
Caci bolnav nu va mai fi Domnul niciodata!

Ia-L in casa ta acum sa-L aline somnul,
Azi e un sarac in drum, maine va fi Domnul!
Azi Isus e-n mii de frati, azi iti vrea El fapta;
Maine toti vom fi chemati; tu vei fi la dreapta?

Si un glas peste genuni va striga spre stele:
“Il cunosc…si din ani buni si din zile grele!”
Iata, anii trec, s-au dus. Zilele-s ca spuma,
Fii prieten cu Isus, nu uita: acuma!

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21 signs of BAD MANAGERS I met in my career as a software manager

21 signs of BAD MANAGERS I met in my career as a software manager

  1. Bias against action or against planning, simply waiting or postponing for ever; embrace the status-quo
  2. Secrecy, not willing to share information. giving the feeling that having access to information is a privilege reserved to managers
  3. Working very long hours to prove hard work or hide incompetence
  4. Over-sensitivity, someone that reacts immediately but the reaction is not a real response but mostly an emotional fact
  5. Brain washed by procedures and processes; favor a process instead of getting things done
  6. Expect the people to read they minds; hand in hand with secrecy –  i keep the info for me and then blame people for not acting
  7. Preference for weak employees or candidates, feeling threatened by the super-competent employees or candidates
  8. Focus on small tasks, missing the big picture and favoring details  on a specific task where he is competent
  9. Inability to hire former employees: none of his former colleagues were convinced to join him in his new company or he is simply someone that never mentored anyone or never took time to inspire anyone that can trust him
  10. Not setting  deadlines, the work is done when is done …why bother with time boxed iterations
  11. Favoring consultants instead of growing his staff
  12. Letting his employees feel like an anonym and irrelevant person that does not make any difference if stay or go
  13. Not measuring and not giving feedback based on real metrics and expectations previously communicated and clarified (not on feelings and emotions)
  14. Not telling people what he is expecting from them
  15. Micromanaging
  16. Sneaky boss – someone that is continuously acting or talking behind his employees’ backs so they are never sure where they stand
  17. Managing his boss more than growing his staff , and this is sometimes ok, but in general only to protect his staff or the company from bad decisions coming from superior management
  18. Divide and Conquer – strong believer in internal competition more than in the internal collaboration
  19. Ignoring non-performers – usually we are tempted to build on strengths and recognize top performers, but at the end “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”
  20. Stealing credit – if we win I will stick my name at the top, if we loose it is definitely because the team is not mature enough or understaffed or ….simply “acted without my knowledge, they need some control”
    My product as a development manager is the TEAM (the ORG when applicable).

Yes, I do recognize myself in some of these points … and I am working on some of them. Stay tuned !

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Great management advice

“It’s extremely important to move responsibility very low in the organization. Your goal is not to be working on a project where you can’t sleep at night. Your goal isn’t to have it so that the project leads can’t sleep at night.
Your goal is so that NOBODY sleeps at night. And when nobody is sleeping at night, you have pushed responsibility to the proper level.” 

Chris Peters, Microsoft veteran , ex VP of MS Office


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XP2013 Vienna

XP2013 was a good Agile Conference. Not that great as two years ago in Madrid, mostly because Madrid attracted a lot of great speakers and Agile influencers like Esther Derby,
J Appelo, Mary Poppendieck, Michael Feathers, Brian Marick or J. B. Rainsberger.
If I would only consider this aspect (but I am not !!!) then XP2013 in Vienna was a very poor conference, probably the academical tracks proved to be useful and attractive for those in the field, but I could not say that I learned so many things this year. 
What I still remember after 1 month are the coding sessions with Emily Bache, the workshop on Continuous Delivery with Pat Kua from ThoughtWorks (worth reading their blog, a great company BTW) and a presentation about Agile Fluency with Diana Larsen and James Shore.
(Anyone knows why Europe is still not able to have great speakers on IT related topics ? )

Probably the organizers wanted also to encourage new coaches and a new generation of speakers, so I was very happy they invited me to deliver a presentation about Agile Career Development for Software Professionals, a presentation that I originally delivered last year
in Zurich, for Jazoon 2012

If you are curious to see the slides, pls find them below (slideshare): 


…looking fwd for the XP2014 in Rome, Italy. I bet Rome is going to attract some great speakers mixed with speakers from the new generation. 

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Presentation tip: Time limits, not slide limits

In a five-minute presentation some presenters may use 10 slides or even 20. By setting a time limit and not a slide limit we can deliver a better presentation , at least from a visual perspective.

In a presentation we tell a story, so when a slide is packed with 4-5 ideas, all there in one slide, our story is lost. So 1 slide, 1 clear message, timeboxed. 


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