Patterns of effective teams

“Some teams are orders of magnitude more effective than others, turning around business solutions in days or even hours. Their secret is a combination of smart technology choices, great development habits and a powerful team dynamic.”


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The “management team” & Steve Jobs

The “management team” isn’t the “decision making” team.
It’s a support function. You may want to call them administration instead of management, which will keep them from getting too big for their britches.

The saddest thing about the Steve Jobs hagiography is all the young “incubator twerps” strutting around Mountain View deliberately cultivating their worst personality traits because they imagine that’s what made Steve Jobs a design genius. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc, young twerp. Maybe try wearing a black turtleneck too.

Read the whole article here:

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XP2013 Vienna

XP2013 was a good Agile Conference. Not that great as two years ago in Madrid, mostly because Madrid attracted a lot of great speakers and Agile influencers like Esther Derby,
J Appelo, Mary Poppendieck, Michael Feathers, Brian Marick or J. B. Rainsberger.
If I would only consider this aspect (but I am not !!!) then XP2013 in Vienna was a very poor conference, probably the academical tracks proved to be useful and attractive for those in the field, but I could not say that I learned so many things this year. 
What I still remember after 1 month are the coding sessions with Emily Bache, the workshop on Continuous Delivery with Pat Kua from ThoughtWorks (worth reading their blog, a great company BTW) and a presentation about Agile Fluency with Diana Larsen and James Shore.
(Anyone knows why Europe is still not able to have great speakers on IT related topics ? )

Probably the organizers wanted also to encourage new coaches and a new generation of speakers, so I was very happy they invited me to deliver a presentation about Agile Career Development for Software Professionals, a presentation that I originally delivered last year
in Zurich, for Jazoon 2012

If you are curious to see the slides, pls find them below (slideshare): 


…looking fwd for the XP2014 in Rome, Italy. I bet Rome is going to attract some great speakers mixed with speakers from the new generation. 

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Presentation tip: Time limits, not slide limits

In a five-minute presentation some presenters may use 10 slides or even 20. By setting a time limit and not a slide limit we can deliver a better presentation , at least from a visual perspective.

In a presentation we tell a story, so when a slide is packed with 4-5 ideas, all there in one slide, our story is lost. So 1 slide, 1 clear message, timeboxed. 


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7 answers about some basic Architectural Concerns

Do I have a performance or a scalability problem?
Is this a scalability or a reliability issue?
Is this something that I shall be concerned in terms of load, stress or volume ?
Is this a security issues or just a normal behavior ?

Still hear these questions too many times so I want to give some very simple 101/newbie definitions and present them in the form of  user stories.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes “the backlog”:
  • As a system, I have a performance issue if I am slow even for a single user
  • As a system, I have a scalability issue if even if I am fast enough for a single user I am slow for multiple users and I am almost die under heavy load
    Scalability tells me how long me as a system I can scale up and scale out in terms of user loads and transactions
  • As a system, I am reliable if I can sustain good response levels over a period of time and under some expected load conditions
  • As a system, I am tested for load by looking at how I am responding to different simulated loads, for instance in series of 10 users, 100 users, 1000 users, … having or not having a ramp up time between requests
  • As a system, I am tested for stress by looking at how stable I am beyond the normal & expected load conditions; someone might even push me to the limits or even kill me
  • As a system, I am tested for volume by looking at how I respond under different volumes of data I need to manage
  • As a system, I am tested for security by looking at how an intruder might compromise my functionality or using me to get into the system that is hosting me or getting access through me to data that are not public

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Dezvoltatorii de software – niste privilegiati ;)

Fara indoiala suntem niste privilegiati: zi dupa zi vedem tot mai multe oferte de joburi si tot mai putini software professionals disponibili pentru noi oportunitati de cariera.
O ocazie excelenta de a alege ce este mai bine pentru personalitatea si pentru visele noastre. In fond suntem diferiti si este un privilegiu sa poti alege o companie care vrea sa valorifice acel element unic din fiecare dintre noi.

Cand am venit la LanguageWeaver acum aproape 4 ani voiam sa facem un centru de offshore development cu 10 oameni, contribuind la succesul colegilor nostri din Los Angeles, USA in dezvoltarea aplicatiilor din zona Automatic Machine Translation.
Desi astazi suntem peste 100 de colegi in Centrul de Excelenta din Cluj-Napoca, nu numarul este acela care ne diferentiaza de altii, ci indraznesc sa spun atitudinea si deschiderea totala spre principii Agile si Lean.

Daca in multe companii Managementul este o frana in calea acestor principii, din contra noi ne dorim colegi dezvoltatori si testeri macar la fel de agili pe cat ne dorim sa fim noi in Management. In fond principiile noastre de management sunt simple: optimizam si masuram permanent procesul de dezvoltare software pentru a implementa cat mai bine principiile Lean, favorizam echipe care se auto-organizeaza, sustinem dezvoltarea fiecarui individ in ceea ce se chiama Generalizing Specialist si cautam sa gasim impreuna acele lucruri care ne motiveaza instrinsec spre un succes comun. La urma urmei si noi suntem Developeri.

Avem inca multe de lucru, si cea mai buna dovada este daca ai putea vorbi cu unii dintre colegii nostri. In fond oamenii dinauntru vorbesc cel mai bine despre o companie: nu bannerele, agresivitatea recruterilor, banii irositi pe reclame sau cadourile de la interviuri.
Dar tocmai pentru ca inca avem multe de facut avem nevoie si de tine. Poate ai idei si solutii, suntem gata sa te ascultam si mai mult decat atat sa vedem ca si vrei sa faci daca ti se da ocazia.

Daca ai vrea sa stam de vorba despre un posibil job la noi, sau pur si simplu ai vrea doar sa ne cunoastem si sa tinem legatura, poate sa schimbam impresii care sa ne ajute reciproc, sfaturi si experiente, mi-ar face placere sa te cunosc.
Momentan la noi exista diferite oportunitati in zona C#, Java, Javascript, DevOps/Operations, QA.
In echipele coordonate personal de catre mine (Machine Translation APIs & Science Engineering) sunt oportunitati pe Java, Javascript si QA.

Nu angajam pentru ca ne pleaca colegii in alte companii 🙂 (desi recunosc ca am avut colegi care au plecat in strainatate dar in 4 ani nu am avut nici un coleg Developer care sa fi plecat la alta companie ;)),
ci pentru ca atunci cand inspiri incredere, furnizezi la timp si ceea ce furnizezi nu este “waste” ci “value” se ivesc mereu oportunitati de crestere.

Deasemenea daca esti un Lead sau Manager si ai vrea sa schimbi cu cineva impresii despre lucruri bune si rele in procesul de dezvoltare software, mi-ar face placere sa te cunosc.

E-mail-ul meu este sau
Ma gasesti si pe Twitter la @ionel_condor.

Multumesc pentru rabdarea de a citi acest anunt !

Cu stima,

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Open Agile Cluj

This Saturday Cluj Agile Community organizes a local Open Agile Conference.

The schedule here:

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